Thursday, 4 September 2014

Upstream to Winsford and back.

We awoke to this scene this morning which augured well for the day
but it soon cleared and the bird sanctuary opposite our moorings were busy.
Geoff went for a good walk with Barney before we set off..this is the viaduct back before Vale Royal Lock
Whilst I had a good sweep through and washed the floor...the delights of domesticity.    At least on a boat it doesn't take that long.
We then set off for Winsford leaving our wonderful mooring behind
We were soon into a more industrialised area with a salt mine and associated works on our starboard side

We moored up on the CRT moorings outside the Red Lion pub
Tranquil surroundings but as soon as you walk up to the bridge you realise the world is not really that far away..   The town is bigger than we anticipated and within walking distance is a big Morrisons and an Asda.   

A little further back we had passed a winding hole which had a CRT notice saying it was the last turning possibility  BUT that is not true.   It is true that is the last place on CRT controlled waters ......
...but go through the two Winsford bridges and in a short while you come to Winsford Bottom Flash.   There are some boats moored there and I had ascertained from a passing boat that it was deep enough to turn at the start of the flash.
Back through the bridges and we are at the official start of the navigation...........I wonder who looks after or controls the last bit?
Interestingly on our trip up this morning we had passed a CRT linesman out with his little electronic pad checking presumably on overstaying boats??   We didn't think he could have had much trade.

Going back through New Bridge swing bridge.     we knew we could get underneath as we had done it on the way up but it sure does look low.
all duck down.................
The intention was to go back to our place at Vale Royal Moorings for the night and at first we thought we might be unlucky as there were 4 boats moored there.   However we managed to fit on the end, albeit on pins instead of mooring rings.   Later 3 of the other 4 disappeared and just one of our companions of the previous night was left.   A boat called 'It's 5 o'clock....somewhere'
Total distance:2.59 miles 
Elapsed time:2h20m14s (includes shopping)
Average speed:1.11 mph (1.11 lock/mph) It was such a lovely morning we just gently ambled up the river)

Total distance:2.54 miles 
Elapsed time:0h39m12s 
Average speed:3.88 mph (3.88 lock/mph) 

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