Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hockley Heath

Geoff assured me that the walk to the church at Hockley Heath was not far, but that depends on ones interpretation of 'NOT FAR'...It was about a mile so by the time I had walked a mile back I decreed that I could not walk another mile for my lunch at the we moved Petroc onto the visitor moorings which ware adjacent to the pub.  The lunch at the Wharf was OK apart from the Yorkshire puddings.  They shattered when you tried to cut into them...  much to Geoff;s dismay I complained so they brought me a replacement eventually.......that one was like rubber......

To add insult to injury Emma sent me a picture of the ones she made for their dinner

After lunch we moved again..Geoff was determined to find somewhere in the open, not a lot of choice as the canal was very tree lined.  However we eventually found somewhere reasonable about a mile before the start of the Lapworth locks.....and there was talk of a layover day tomorrow.  Mind you there had been talk of this since Friday and it hasn't appeared yet.

Total distance:0.59 miles    (Journey to the pub for lunch)
Elapsed time:0h21m14s 
Average speed:1.66 mph (1.66 lock/mph)

Total distance:0.68 miles 
Elapsed time:0h29m8s 
Average speed:1.40 mph (1.40 lock/mph)

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