Friday, 5 September 2014

Back to Northwich

A gentle start just after ten from our oh so peaceful mooring and we reached Vale Royal Lock.  We had called ahead and were told the lock was ready for us and come when we liked......I could get used to this.....just call ahead to the lock and everything is done for you!!!
Notice I am aiming for the smaller lock on the left.....the larger one is for big boats which do I believe occasionally use it.
Our friendly helpful lock keeper.......they all seem to be.   The descent was very had been the ascent on our way up stream
The only other boat we passed on our trip.
A miscellany of boats in the weak morning sun.
We were lucky to find a space this morning on the 48 hours moorings.   We did have a fall back plan as I had emailed Northwich Town Quay seen opposite and we could have moored there for £10 a night.    However it was not necessary and this side is better for Barnaby.   Behind the boats on the shiny new pontoons is a big new Waitrose.  The building still going on are apparently apartments.

Total distance:2.93 miles 
Elapsed time:1h15m24s
Average speed:2.33 mph (3.92 lock/mph) 

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