Sunday, 7 September 2014

Another head of navigation

Geoff is suffering from a touch of 'pressonitis' which is not pleasing.  So it was decreed that after church today we must get to the head of navigation and then come back and moor somewhere convenient (and congenial) to do the trip to Acton Bridge in the morning as we are expecting visitors for coffee and/or lunch.

Accordingly we chose to go to the 9 O'clock communion service.   The walk was about a mile and although the hill was steep is was not too bad.  The path leads to the canal between the Saltisford and Barnton tunnels, both of which we had passed through last Wednesday.
Our walk took us past one of the ventilation shafts of the Barnton tunnel.
No lingering was allowed on our return to Petroc and coffee was partaken of en route.   

Boat of the day......................
Dutton Viaduct

Geoff was lucky enough to see another kingfisher today but all I ever see are herons.   This was the first time we had seen 4 of them together.
Approaching Runcorn Rowing Club the boats were out in force, including one full of novices who wove their way zig-zagging in front of us for a while
Towards the end another big ICI chemical factory, this one still working we surmised from the steam bellowing from various places.
Weston Marsh lock which leads down to the Manchester Ship Canal.....not for us!
We moored on the pontoon there however to save Barney from having to cross his legs any longer.
We walked to the end of the lock looking out to the Manchester Ship Canal
Going back upstream we wanted a quiet mooring.   When we had passed the recommended moorings at Devils Garden this morning there was not any room so decided not to go that far and have found a suitable spot in the  open.  We have been lucky with the weather again, a fair bit of sunshine although the wind is a little fresh.   If it had been pouring with rain I don't think we would have ventured to the end.   En route we had a phone call from Rob on sunflower to see where we were and if we were within reach...they are moored up on the T&M and were planning to walk down to Dutton Lock. Unfortunately we are just too far down but hope we might catch up with them in a few days time.

Total distance:12.45 miles 
Elapsed time:3h 15m17s 
Average speed:3.96 mph (4.36 lock/mph) 

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