Saturday, 27 September 2014

A much longer day than we bargained for.

We decide to beat an early retreat from Birmingham as it was all gearing up for the Conservative Party Conference.   After a bit of reversing from our mooring spot we gently meandered through Gas Street basin.  There were quite a few security guards in evidence behind the ICC centre just over on our left

spot the security guard!
Parts of the towpath blocked off

Somewhat quieter this morning than it was last night!
Once were were clear of the town Barney and I alighted for our morning perambulations.  An incredible amount of resurfacing has been done along a very long stretch of the towpath.  The railway runs alongside for some miles.

 There are convenient moorings for a couple of boats at Selly Oak which we availed ourselves of to nip up to Sainsburys
This boat apparently belongs to Birmingham Uni and is Hydrogen powered.
Classy Graffiti
Kings Norton and what used to be a lock with guillotine gates at both ends.
We had thought we might moor at Warstock but when we saw the visitors mooring we abandoned that idea.   As with most of this stretch it was tree lined and gloomy....admittedly the sun was not shining.  By now we had picked up what must have been the slowest boat (hire boat) on the system.   After following him for about 3/4 hour we managed to pass him, although we were not sure if he had put himself in the bushes by accident or by design so we could get past.  ( 3 hours later he passed our mooring and a boat behind him told Geoff he had been following him for an hour and a half!)

We continued to have no luck in finding a decent mooring, so Saturdays brunch was abandoned and we had sausage sandwiches instead whilst we carried on.....

We saw very little signs of habitation and it was all quite drear so I occupied myself with a little boatwork(just like housework but it doesn't take as long).

As we passed Dickens Heath, out of the blue was this huge block of apartments.   Straight afterwards we were back to countryside

The central white steps have water cascading down
Eventually just before Hockley heath we found a short bit of piling that was reasonably in the open, but not quite up to our expected standard of mooring!   Still it was past Geoff's siesta time so we decided to call it a day.

Total distance:14.65 miles  (Too far)

 Elapsed time:6h20m40s   (Too long)


Average speed:2.31 mph (2.47 lock/mph)

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