Friday, 12 September 2014

Pause in Nantwich

My trip to the dentist in Nantwich yesterday gave me a glimpse of a splendid market town so we decided to stay over a day so we could both have an explore.

There have been plenty of passing boats in both directions but this moored one takes a bit of beating.
We decided to walk in to the town as it is not really too far saving the bus for the trip back when we will be laden with shopping......there is a large Morrisons in town.

The town itself has much to offer and the hanging baskets proliferate.

We visited the church in the centre of town which is magnificent and better pictures than mine can be seen by following the link.
St Marys Church Nantwich

The curtains which took 7 years to complete for the Queens Silver Jubilee are like nothing we have seen in any other church
Once again a much better picture on their web site above 
The town has lots of coffee shops to choose from, many with pavement seating which we could take advantage of today.  There was no sun but still warm enough to sit out.

We returned by bus with a loaded wheelie trolly and rucksack....should do us for a few days!

This is another town which I would be quite happy to relocate to....if it were just a bit further south!!

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