Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Role reversal on another chilly autumn morning

I decided that it was my turn to do some locks so Barney and I set off.   We completed the first 4 locks as far as Greensforge lock and the sani station there.   This had been our goal yesterday if we hadn't flagged and when we went through the lock and saw the 48 hour mooring we were glad we hadn't bothered.  Our Pearsons guide describes it as a delightful mooring but in fact it is dark and gloomy....just show that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Still chilly but the sun is on the way and this is a pleasant stretch near the Stour aqueduct.
Just before the junction at Stourton we picked up a boat just ahead of us.......fingers crossed they were not going our way!   Our prayers were answered as they carried straight on and we turned left onto the Stourbridge Canal and the 4 locks after at the junction
A pretty junction one solitary fisherman (look closely!)
Alongside the top lock was an incredibly neat garden, mostly in their own garden but also alongside the canal.
Today's sad sight
The next junction was about 2 miles ahead at Wordsley after which we had 16 locks to negotiate and I managed to persuade Geoff that it would be late by the time we had accomplished that and that a shorter day than yesterday would be nice!   he agreed provided we could find a congenial mooring spot.   Luck was on my side as we found one small length of piling opposite a big field full of horses.....just room for one boat.

Total distance:6.21 miles 
Elapsed time:3h55m47s 
Average speed:1.58 mph (4.13 lock/mph)

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