Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Getting Petroc mended day

A peaceful stretch of the Runcorn Arm
We were at Claymore navigation just after 9 and they came and had another look at what was required for our weed hatch thingimybob.   It was apparent that we needed a whole new rod or whatever it is called as the thread was all stripped on the one we had.   It took them somewhat longer than the hour he estimated to get a new bit and I have no idea where they got it from but we were on our way soon after 2pm.  So big thanks To Claymore, we can thoroughly recommend them.

Moored at Claymore Boatyard
The timing was perfect as Preston Brook tunnel was not far away and heading south entry is between on the half hour for 10 minutes.   We arrived there spot on 2.30

Just after the tunnel is one small stop lock and as we arrived there was a boat ahead just entering the lock.   I was somewhat amazed when they closed the gated and went through alone as they are still wide locks.   When Geoff went up to chat and help them through they said they had been told it was not wide enough for 2 narrow boats????  Looked wide enough to me.

The weather today has been so much better than of late, in fact if I could have been bothered to change it was shorts weather again.....has summer returned??

Moored in a nice open spot with a few other boats for a change........we hope to go down the Anderton Lift tomorrow if all goes well

Total distance:5.78 miles 
Elapsed time:8h1m24s
Average speed:0.72 mph (0.85 lock/mph) 


Adam said...

Sutton stop lock is only about 11 ft wide, so you can't get two boats in it. It is very difficult to judge, though.

Gillian Lovegrove said...

now I know!!
I knew if I wrote that in my blog someone would put me right......