Saturday, 31 August 2013

Epiphany down Foxton Locks

Geoff decided to take a trip on the bust to Market Harborough this morning but before leaving he very kindly cut the grass (with the aid of Epiphany's shears) alongside Petroc so that I could paint the gunnels.  We are moored on the right here so I can reach the side that took rather a pasting in the Crick Tunnel....I think it was the Crick many tunnels recently.....well 3 seems a lot to me.

Before getting down to work I decided to accompany Epiphany down Foxton is not often I get to work the locks but Foxton are some of the easiest around....even I can manage the gates and the paddles so I had a lovely morning.   Unfortunately Epiphany had to wait almost 3/4 hour as two boats were coming up so I fell foul of a bacon roll in the cafe at the top!!  Still it gave me energy for the trip down........

View across one of the side pounds

Epiphany & Barney waiting patiently
Lot's of do's and dont's
working for a change 
Even the gates are easy

The museum in the background
Yoo Hoo

Only a few gongoozlers about
A lot of work has gone into the disused inclined plane and surrounding area in the last few years.
Disused inclined plane
The locks from the disused inclined plane
Old boat as it would have come out of the arm to enter the inclined plane
Lock gates on the disused arm leading to inclined plane
Now the area makes a lovely tranquil walk
(Thanks to Epiphany for some of the photos)

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