Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Welford Arm

After a pleasant supper together with Epiphany we all said we would not rush in the morning and John said they would follow us as we are always up the event they were ready to go before us as Geoff was in a lingering mood......

The mist was a little slower to clear than yesterday but by the time we set off just before 9.30 the sun was making itself felt.   Barney and I sett off for our customary morning walk

we met a friendly chocolate lab en route but as usual Barney declined to play.....
This stretch of the canal is quite windy and also very shallow in places...  it is not helped when a boat moors near a bridge hole and the water is very shallow.......well that is Geoff's excuse he failed to negotiate a sharp bend into a bridge hole.......Petroc was extremely recalcitrant about getting her nose around!!!
All sorted without mishap eventually.......

It was quite a gentle turn onto the Welford arm and then just about a mile and 1 lock to go.

Just past bridge 2
There were several boats waiting to come down and there is not a lot of room to manoeuvre just before the lock

Epiphany went up ahead of us

We passed quite a few boats on our way to the end which boded well for finding a suitable mooring place......

As we approached the end of the arm we saw there was a very convenient spot just behind Epiphany....
This will do nicely for the day......thanks to NB Epiphany for some of the photos.
We had timed our arrival just right........morning departures over and arrivals mostly behind us....some of whom were disappointed not to find a space......
Total distance:4.86 miles
 Elapsed time:2h27m45s 
Average speed:1.97 mph (2.38 lock/mph) 

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