Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Approaching Braunston turn with the two distinctive iron bridges just in view
A much shorter day, thank goodness.  We left just before 8 with a view to getting into Braunston by 10 which seemed a good time to be able to find a space.   Objective was duly achieved and we even found a mooring just behind Epiphany and opposite the Boathouse pub.
Boat traffic was busy up and down throughout the day.   Brilliant service from AJ Canopies who arrived in the afternoon and mended our Pram hood fitting and also two new poppers on our front cratch fastenings.
Fi and I had a gentle walk up to the book swap later on and we also did the rounds of the boats for sale in the marina.   There seems to be a wide variation in the prices of similar length boats, but generally it seems to be a buyers market at the moment......
Notice just outside marina entrance
We have never managed to pass by the stop house when it was open
This could be why!   we have obviously never passed by on a Friday
Later Fi and John came for supper and we had a great evening catching up on news.
Total distance:4.73 miles 
Elapsed time:2h9m11s 
Average speed:2.20 mph (2.20 lock/mph)

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