Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lower Heyford

The second day of cruising dawned extremely fair for our visitors, in fact dare I say too Hot!!!!   We managed to depart by about 8.30 leaving them having breakfast.  (Normally on a day like this we would have departed by about 6.30am but that seemed a little hard on visitors!!!!
They were both happy to help at the locks but Graham declined all offers to have a go steering Petroc.......
Luckily when we reached Lower Heyford we found a mooring in partial shade as this proved to be the hottest day yet....and we have had a good few hot days recently.
I had to resort to several cold showers throughout the day to get my body comfortable...........
Sadly Anne & Graham had to depart from here........the train station right on our doorstep so very convenient (and planned!!).  
Total distance:6.21 miles 
Elapsed time:3h12m23s 
Average speed:1.94 mph (2.87 lock/mph) 

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