Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Epiphany decided to move on Monday but Boe fancied another day being wined and dined by her parents so we stayed put!!!!
Very lazy day, I was not able to paint the gunnels as we were sitting too low in the water...(It is preying on my mind that action is required.......only on my mind however....it doesn't even make a fleeting pass through the skipper's mind!)
We decided to go up to the Moorings Pub for a pre supper drink and en route we discovered our old boat.
We had a quarter share in Tickey for 2 years before we had Petroc built.  She did not look so smart in those days as the paint job has been done since then.  The painting was all done by Dave and Val who bought our share.  

Smarter than when we had her!!
They are still hard at it as they have just completed new doors front and back with the painting done by Val
The joined us for a drink in the Moorings and we had a catch up on Tickey to date.    It was very pleasant sitting right alongside the canal apart from the proliferation of wasps.........

This morning we awoke to a fairly misty morning.....but the sort of mist that heralds a hot day....we were not wrong.....

Boe departed after breakfast and we were on our way before 9 and before the first lot of boats appeared having come up the Watford locks........a delightfully rural run and we only met 2 other boats.......
Moored up a little way ahead of Epiphany out in the open with a nice wide towpath for Barney to lie in.

On arrival I had a sudden rush of blood to the head and decided to paint the gunnels as we were sitting just right.   By the time I finished I was slightly regretting my decision as it was very hot.   However I did feel virtuous.............and Geoff meanwhile had been very kind and cut up all my required vegetables for supper.....

Total distance:6.91 miles 
Elapsed time:3h15m2s 
Average speed:2.13 mph (2.13 lock/mph) 

This is a much better length of day.............................................

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