Friday, 9 August 2013

Minder needed

I do wonder if I should be let out on my own.   After yesterday's credit card debacle, today it was the turn of the sun hat!!!   Not just any old sun hat but my favourite...........bought in our local Aladdin's cave shop back home in Cornwall.........where they have an endless supply of cheap and cheerful things suitable for the beach etc......
It was my turn to go to Oxford on the bus, we can't go together because it is a bit long to leave Barney,,,,,,,besides which we wouldn't want to go to the same places when we arrived there!!!!
Anyway after my gentle meander round the shops (fell foul of a couple of tops in M&S) I headed with my paper for a congenial spot by the river.  This took some doing as my sense of direction in towns is not all it might be.....however....
A pleasant half hour sitting on a bench in the sun with my sun hat on!!!!
10 minutes later I had walked up to the Head of the River Pub to see what was on offer for a lunch snack......I didn't like the prices so left which was when I discovered ....NO HAT.......despite scouring the pub and retracing my steps there was no sign........
There followed a trawl of Oxford for a replacement..........not an easy task. At least two shops, including M&S said they had sold out.....well I suppose it is the beginning of August in the hottest spell we have had for a while......eventually I found a suitable replacement at 5 times the price of the original!!!
Later that evening after supper, Maffi passed by on his way to the pub for a Guiness, but didn't take much persuading that a Red Wine on Petroc was a suitable alternative......Molly and Boots were amenable as well (Boots is on her hols with Maffi) 
Barneys bed is quite comfortable thank you....later Molly was curled up there also

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