Monday, 12 August 2013

Farewell Thrupp

Rather sad to leave this morning, it has been a brilliant 6 days of socialising and visitors even with good weather....not too hot and no rain......
Just before 7 saw us reversing back through the lift bridge to water etc.   We have not filled with water for 9 days but we didn't want to lose our mooring space at Thrupp so we were frugal with washing machine on after the first couple of days.......
By 8 am we were on our way back northwards, after a last chat with Maffi and Boots on the watering quay (Molly was not yet up so did not get to say goodbye to her!)
A gentle meander during which Geoff saw his first Kingfisher of the year....they have been very elusive so far......and by late coffee time we moored just before the permanent moorings at Lower Heyford.  There is room for about 3 visiting boats there with no time limits posted.  The boat behind which we moored looked as though it was there for a while judging by the accouterments on the towpath......they were busily painting their boat.
As expected there was no internet signal here and very little TV and very poor phone.....but lots of trains!!!
A walk up to the shop gave us one of their lovely fresh loaves and even the Daily Telegraph so all was Ok with the world.....
Later Bones passed by and stopped for a chat, sadly we have been ships that pass in the night (even in the day) this year with no common mooring to have an evenings socialising....maybe next year
Total distance:7.12 miles
 Elapsed time:4h39m16s
Average speed:1.53 mph (2.60 lock/mph) 

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