Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sojourn in Thrupp

Such a congenial time here.  Cannot believe that there will still be 7 day moorings under the new when CRT are supposedly cracking down on overstayers..........however they have put out the new mooring regulations for Thrupp from 23rd August and there are still 7 day moorings here along with the 48 hour ones.
We have taken almost full advantage as it is so pleasant.  However we shall move on tomorrow after 6 days.
Friday was Geoff's turn to go into Oxford on the bus but he was back very early after only doing one of his planned museums as he was taken short with a gippy tummy and returned looking somewhat pale to Petroc.
He did not recover in time for the evening performance by the Mikron Theatre Company in the Boat Inn.   It is the first time in 7 years cruising we have managed to be in the same place.    I was forced to go on my own and saw their production of 'Don't Kill the Messenger'.  It was extremely well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  meanwhile Geoff slept for a straight 10 hours and woke on Sat feeling somewhat revived.
This was fortunate as we were expecting Sister in Law Edith later in the day.....
I raided M&S Simply Food in Summertown to make us an easy and tasty supper which we had partially al fresco.

Maffi, Molly and Boots happened by so joined us for the pre dinner.....and then came back to join us for dessert later on!!   Somewhat later to bed than our normal 9.30 or so!!!

Sunday morning I was greeted in my bed by Molly and Boots (Not Maffi this time!!) they were out for their morning stroll and decided to call in.......

Edith took me to do a shop in Sainsburys and I managed to get it all put away before the next visitors.....
Giles & Zan and the grandchildren arrived for lunch......this time in the pub.......I didn't fancy feeding 8 on the boat.   It worked well in the Boat garden as it is fully enclosed away from the canal and there were other children so our 3 running around in and out of the trees was OK.   Aftyer lunch we took them for a walk in the woods down to the small river beach followed by ice creams at Annie Tea room.....Great Sunday afternoon.

Oscar had to have Geffiepa carry him part way home!!!

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