Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Yesterday was a day of rest.....the forecast was for very heavy rain so it was an easy decision.   I caught up with some work (Giles accounts!!) and Geoff walked Barney.
The mooring just below Bakers Lock is very peaceful, just boats passing getting ready for the lock.

The Iron bridge here which goes over the River Cherwell as it joins with the canal, has apparently been here since before the canal was built.

As it turned pout the worst of the rain did not happen until about 4pm but we were happy with our decision.
This morning we waited until about 9.30 before the trip to Thrupp.  We wanted those people who were moving on to have stirred themselves so that we might find a place.
We were lucky, there was just room for us and so we settled down to what can be up to a 7 day stay....there can't be many other such nice places on the system where you can stay so long.
As you can see we have settled in well.

Maffi from Milly M came to call and we arranged to meet in the Jolly Boatman for a drink after supper.......
It's a hard life!!!
Total distance:1.87 miles 
Elapsed time:1h9m18s 
Average speed:1.62 mph (2.48 lock/mph) 

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