Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Gently further northwards

Slightly later start this morning but still on the way just after 8am.  The mornings are much chillier now and it is still only mid August but there is a definite Autumn feel about the mornings........maybe we should stay in bed longer......
A beautiful early morning sky which sadly clouded fully over by the time we set off
Initially we had no destination in mind for the day but the Skipper (Geoff!!) suggested we stop in the open moorings just after Somerton deep lock.  The Mate was happy to concur............
We would have arrived nicely in time for coffee but by the time we reached Somerton lock there were two boats in front of us so that took a while.  The boat behind us said that when they came down yesterday there were 6 queuing either side so we were lucky. Cropredy festival is over so people are obviously dispersing.......we shall go slowly towards Cropredy as we would like to get a mooring there for the weekend.
This barn always fascinates me with all the (presumably) dovecote openings and the horses in the field in the foreground
Total distance:5.00 miles 
Elapsed time:3h22m45s
Average speed:1.48 mph (2.37 lock/mph)

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