Friday, 30 August 2013

A gloomy ride

Well we made the 6.30 projected start and no I did not make a pigs of the turn.  Although from the shore the winding hole looked a little small, there was in fact no problem........
Watered etc and then down the lock....not even first as the boat moored behind us snuck away whilst we were watering.   Barney and I had our morning constitutional as far as the junction and climbed aboard.   We generally are picked up by Geoff in a convenient bridgehole which presents only 2 problems.....Barney refuses to climb on a moving boat even if going at snails pace........and Geoff has an inability to come to a dead stop in a bridge hole.....or maybe it's not inability but his opinion that Barney should be more versatile!!!!....anyway the objective is always achieved in the end .....
en route to Husbands Bosworth Tunnel
Dark & Gloomy
Getting narrower
This was the only boat we passed on the whole trip today
Tunnel ahead
Time for Barney & I to go below
Out the other side and there is sunshine trying to come through the huge trees which line this stretch of the canal
Our Guide book (Pearsons) shows these as the mooring for Husbands Bosworth...they obviously don't encourage visitors
If you cant see the real thing get your own
Dinky chicken house
We could not see any property near the canal
except this a little further on
We eventually moored in the first bit of reasonably open area not far from Foxton but Epiphany passed us about and hour later and then rang us to say there was room on the unrestricted moorings a little further we up sticks and moved.   Very happily settled now for the weekend.  Later we visited Epiphany for Pudding...........Fi had been collecting blackberries so enjoyed a delicious crumble.........
Total distance:8.6 miles 
Elapsed time:3h39m38s 
Average speed:2.10 mph (2.37 lock/mph)

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