Friday, 16 August 2013

Farewell Banbury

Lovely end to a varied day
We awoke to grey skies and the inevitable rain, but managed to do our shopping in between showers.   So after coffee it appeared to have eased up a bit (which the forecast had promised us) so we set off.  However we were a little previous as the rain was soon back, sometimes with a vengeance.........still it wasn't cold so at least we were wet and warm!

The plot was too moor just short of Cropredy and go in tomorrow and hope there would be a space on the 48 hour moorings for the weekend.  So we found ourselves a congenial bit of bank and later on Geoff walked in, only to discover that the moorings above the lock are all 24 hours only!!!!    Tomorrow's plan is now in doubt but will probably go in anyway and see what transpires......I wonder if 24 hours will change to `1 day` under the new mooring regulations....the 48 hours ones at Thrupp have been changed to `2 day`...not sure what difference that will make.........

The rain disappeared during the afternoon and we had a wonderfully still evening........

Total distance:2.66 miles 
Elapsed time:1h51m36s
Average speed:1.43 mph (3.04 lock/mph) 

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