Thursday, 15 August 2013

Return to Banbury

An even later start this morning as we did not have far to go.........a rather breezy morning but no rain.....
The M40 is never far away
Barney waits patiently for Geoff to wind Petroc up into the centre of Banbury
Plenty of gongoozlers!
Now for the swing bridge

My thanks to Keith Forbes (aka gongoozler) for the above picture
Not a lot of space between the moored boats in the centre.
In fact not a lot of space at all...the boats were double banked outside Tooleys boatyard which made coming through the swing bridge quite interesting.   It was lucky we did not wish to moor right in the centre as there was no room.......we carried on down through Tom Rolt bridge and towards the pedestrian bridge and managed to find one space which we could just fit in.   It is almost the identical spot we moored on our way down and right near one of the entrances to Spiceball park which is very handy for Barney.

We love coming here as Banbury has embraced the canal unlike some other towns (Leamington Spa for one!)
We may move on tomorrow unless the rain comes...............
Total distance:3.13 miles 
Elapsed time:1h47m40s 
Average speed:1.75 mph (2.86 lock/mph) 


Keith Forbes said...

You photo Gongoozlers @ Banbury, we are in your photo, so have returned the favour, see my blog Canal Boats.


Gillian Lovegrove said...

Just seen your comment, love the you mind if I use them please