Thursday, 29 August 2013

Layover in Welford

The Rowan trees overlooking the tiny stream (source of the river Avon) by the pub garden are full of berries.
Well it is so pleasant here that one just has to take full advantage of the 48 hour moorings......note they have not changed to 2 day as in places like Thrupp and Foxton.    What the difference is between the two definitions can probably only be construed in a court of law!!!!

Today should have been a really lazy day but I had the hankering to have a wander into Market Harborough so decided to accompany John and Fi on the 1015 least that is what our normally reliable App told was not to be.   Apparently the bus service from here is a ring and book one so by the time John had sorted all that out for us we left here about 11 and the bus had to go via Naseby to collect one more passenger so it took 1/2 an hour.   1430 was the earliest they would collect us to come back so we lingered and shopped slowly.  Such a shame that the notice board at the head of the canal cannot display this would have saved us all (John especially) a lot of aggro this morning.

After lunch I had a look in the large and imposing Parish Church

St Dionysius Church

Altar Frontal
Sadly John and Fi had to cancel their reservation on the bus after a hiccup with her prescriptions and so had a wait for the 5.30 bus collection........ meanwhile I caught the 2.30 bus and had my second exhilarating ride of the is a bit like being on a roller coaster the way they drive these 20 seater buses down some quite small roads........

In my absence Geoff and Barney had a 2 hour walk and later in the afternoon I took Barney round the reservoir walk which Geoff had discovered yesterday.........I think the dog must be k******** (somewhat tired)
I shall be sad to depart tomorrow, it is a really good mooring and with a sani station with all facilities........
a very early start is scheduled and the first task will be to turn Petroc in quite a small winding hole............maybe if we can do it at 6.30 no one will see me making a pigs of it.........

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