Thursday, 22 August 2013

Locks and Tunnel

Lots of rain through the night and although drier it was a very glowery morning (my spellchecker does not like the word glowery but it sums up the morning beautifully)

We had agreed to set off with Epiphany sometime after 8 to share the locks, however this proved to be too late.  By the time we had both watered etc it was 0850 and quite a few boats had gone by.   This meant that progress up the 6 double locks was rather slow.   No sooner were the locks finished than we approached Braunston tunnel.    Barney and I duly descended to our usual position (Curled up together on my bed) for the half hour it took us to get through.  Only last evening we had all said that it was sometime since we had actually met a boat coming the other way in a two way tunnel..........we met 7 this morning!!
Only a little bit further and we both moored just before the junction.
Total distance:4.36 miles 
Elapsed time:4h7m26s 
Average speed 1.06 mph (2.51 lock/mph) 

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