Sunday, 17 June 2012

Whittington Weekend

Saturday was Geoff's turn to catch the bus to Lichfield and do the exploring bit.   I had thought he would have a quieter visit to the Cathedral than I did but it was not to be.  They were having a proms concert in the evening so all was hustle and bustle setting up.

The 3 spires stand out well over the city
There are some nice old buildings in the town (city)
\and old businesses
 and near us some older more traditional boats

Today we went to St Giles Church in the village and later for a Father's Day lunch in the Dog (nice name for a pub!)  The service was more traditional than we have been to of late.
The weather is still indifferent but we were lucky after lunch as we reached Petroc just before the heavens opened yet again.  But we shouldn't complain too much as we hear that Paul & Helen on Barrogill are still stuck below Osney Lock, desperately trying to get off the overfull Thames and back onto the canal.   It must be very frustrating as they are so near and yet so far....just the two locks to go.

Onward again tomorrow....please could we have some sunshine......................

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nb Chance said...

Hi Gill and Geoff, Sorry we didn't recognise you at first today, we have read your blog for some time, as we noticed you came from St Merryn where we have regularly stayed in a friends cottage ourself. Hopefully we may meet you both properly next time.
Regards Doug and James