Monday, 11 June 2012

Locks again......Atherstone Flight

Well we were almost up before everyone else, but not quite.   Two boats were away before us but going the other way, so by 0645 we were on the sani point prior to the 11 locks of the Atherstone flight.

We had also survived another night without any of our ropes being stolen.  We had been on our guard after hearing Piston Broke's tale of woe, in fact we both rushed out of bed when we heard something in the night.  However we couldn't see anyone around and when we looked at our roof this morning and saw cat paw marks we could at least identify the culprit!

The forecast was not good but although it was very grey and dismal it was at least dry and windless..... so we had a pleasant trip down the locks......apart from our trip to Braunston and through the Hillmorton Locks and back before our real departure, the only other lock has been the tiny stop lock at Hawkesbury.

This poor chap was hanging at one of the locks, wonder what his crime was?
A little further on we decided to call it a day at Polesworth as the first of the forecast rain was starting.  Once we were moored up two boats came past who had obviously been close behind us and for a while there was a steady stream of boats in both directions and by now all the helmsmen (or women) were well wrapped up in waterproofs.
Forecast for tomorrow is a little better but then it seems more, rain, wind and storms are to be our lot until at least the end of next week............
4.27miles, 11 locks, 3hrs 47minutes.

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