Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Great Haywood

As I took Barney for his early morning stroll along the towpath, I discovered that someone had been up even earlier.
This has been a pleasant mooring, sandwiched in the V between two railway lines, but sufficiently far from both that they are interesting rather than a nuisance.......

cows to the left and sheep to the right, wide open spaces so a good signal for the tennis
Barney and I walked as far as Tixall Lock (must have my little bit of exercise!)....

......where we saw that the use of furlongs has not completely died out.
en route, Shugborough Hall can be glimpsed through the trees.
After using the Sani point at Anglo Welsh, seen here in the foreground, we reversed off and went under the bridge for a short diversion to see what moorings were available on the Tixal Wide.
Great Haywood Turn

What could be more rural than this
slightly marred by sods law........
we found a suitable spot and even a gap through the trees to point the satelllite dish (tennis again!!)
Geoff does have the (light hearted??) grumble about the tennis but is hardly in a position of superiority with all the wretched football that has been on recently...
Geoff and Barney took off after coffee to walk back to Milford.  
en route they passed what is reputed to be the oldest Wimpy in the country
the rain came back later but by then we were safely tucked up down below
The day could have ended with a beautiful shot of sunset over Tixall Wide......but instead there is this, still beautiful in it's own way though
1.92 miles, 2 locks, 2hrs 30 min(including watering)

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