Saturday, 23 June 2012

Still in Rugeley

A very slow day today for Geoff....I think it must have been something he ate!!!
I was more ambitious out of necessity.  The bus into Stafford conveniently dropped me right outside PC World and it took them no time at all to relieve me of £49.99 for a new mains lead for my computer...I could not believe the price.  I was so shocked I caught the next bus back and avoided all other shops........
More electronic problems followed as we discovered that our SKY box appeared to have given up the ghost.  This was too much for Geoff to cope with in his delicate state!  So plans changed again.....we stay her and tomorrow after church we will both catch the bus to Stafford and this time will be visiting Maplins.
The mooring is quite convenient here and sufficient towpath for Barney to partake of his favourite occupation which is sitting alongside Petroc watching the world go by.   However Geoff was unimpressed yesterday when a lady walking by with a small dog told him off for allowing his dog to be outside unattended.  She said unattended dogs might attack her dog.  I think he replied something to the effect that it was more likely that hers would be doing the attacking...........
We have a reasonable view from Petroc of pretty back gardens but just over a high bank on the other side is this.
Rugeley Power Station
The day was not finished with us yet as we had a phone call later from our caretakers to say that this week's guests had phoned to say one of the beds in our house was broken.......Arghhhhhh!!   Luckily Wayne is very resourceful and also a handyman so a couple of hours later with the aid of some wood and know-how, had effected a repair which he thinks has made the bed stronger than ever before.

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