Monday, 18 June 2012

Detour to Alrewas

After a walk to the village for the paper etc we set off on a reasonably bright sunny rain....shhhh!!

Geoff walked with Barney as far as the junction with the disused Wyrley & Essington canal.  
Our book calls this junction Huddlesford Junction but the sign says differently.
I can't say I fancy his mooring place
the trains are quite frequent...
A little while later I had just gone below when a loud burst of reverse sent me up top again to see what was amisss........however nothing wrong but Geoff has spotted Tickey coming the other way.   Tickey was our previous boat in which we had a quarter share.   We had two delightful years enjoying her whilst we decided whether we could live together peacefully in the narrow confines. We decided we could (well most of the time!!), hence Petroc.  Aboard Tickey were Dick and Libby.  Dick had originally built her and decided to sell off 3 shares as they were underutilising her.
Luckily we were by a suitable bank so after we had both tied up we had a delightful reunion over coffee.
Petroc in the background
We continued on to Fradley junction and it seemed very busy this morning, boats coming every this way and that (slight exaggeration), the junction was also busy.  It is always a good spot for gongoozlers here.  
Our original intention was to turn left but decided on a short detour to Alrewas as it is such a pretty place.  It is also the place to stop to visit the National Arboretum which is well worth a visit.   However we have been twice before so may give it a miss this time.
Moored in sunshine...still no rain...shhhhhh....
6.34 miles, 4 locks, 5hrs 46 min (includes very long coffee stop)

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