Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sojourn on Tixall Wide

Well it had to be done, it is so pleasant here.  The original plan was to have the weekend here but as you can see from previous blogs things conspired against us.
The weather has even been cooperative....only the odd small shower and today it has been positively warm...could this be a tantilising glimpse of summer...
We walked up to the village in the morning for the paper etc and Geoff caught the bus to Stafford...he has this fixation with towns.....
Although we had been on twice from Rugeley that was only to out of town precincts for PC World and Maplins, Geoff wanted to see what the centre was like.
He found a mix of the old and the new, not initially impressed but he said it grew on him as he walked around.
Shire Hall Gallery
Elizabethan Ancient High House - largest timber framed house in England


There is a huge church which was full of schoolchildren.   This is the 3rd place we have visited recently where the church was being used by the local schools for various activities, lovely to see.
Sr Mary's Church
The church has a very interesting history and you can see more here
Meanwhile back on Petroc I had a lovely day, I gave the cratch cover a bit of a scrub, did one of Giles' VAT returns, watched some tennis and generally enjoyed the day.....towns you can keep.......
 Two people were also enjoying the sunshine
A while later she even had to put her sunshade up!

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