Thursday, 28 June 2012

On the Move again

Good-bye Tixall Wide, another pleasant interlude......
Barney & I walked up to the junction where I shopped whilst Geoff watered.. Anglo Welsh seem to have added an extra little pontoon just where you come out of the narrow bit, still perfectly passable but it does make life more difficult especially if someone is moored opposite...
As we set off after watering we had the first few drops of rain, but since we were not intending to go far we were not too bothered.   However the few drops gradually increased and then the thunder started.   The rain became heavier and heavier and I had to resort to the umbrella
The thunder kept on rolling well and we made the decision to moor....but no suitable bank....sods law,,,,,,
By now Geoff had the other umbrella up, something he is very loth to do normally.
Eventually our luck was in and we found somewhere that did not have too many trees nearby......which we did not fancy in the storm.
So no further today, an even shorter trip than envisaged.   Later in the afternoon it cleared and we had a pleasantly warm evening..
2.52miles, 1 lock, 1hr 53 min

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