Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Gardeners World at the NEC

I had a lovely day out at the Gardeners World show at the NEC, courtesy of friends Tony and Di.  They collected me about 9am and and deposited me home about 6pm, whereupon Tony & Geoff repaired to the pub before we all had supper on board.
The flowers and gardens at the show were stunning and it makes one quite in awe of nature....there are so many different varieties of flowers and all so different.  It was the first day of the show so it was not overcrowded and very pleasant to wander around. As with a lot of these shows the food stalls are a rip off....and we had a rather indifferent lunch.

here are just a few of the gardens

and some of the flower displays
The Birmingham City Council had a huge display with a different theme on each corner.  
One corner had a mini
and one had a narrow boat and lock
Meanwhile back at the ranch.......................Geoff went to the Communion service in the Abbey and then spent a pleasant hour in the refectory talking to some of the congregation.  
He was not forgotten as most of the things I purchased at the show were for him!
The rain held off all day until just as Tony and Di were departing......umbrellas had to be utilised.

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