Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Polesworth & the Abbey

Well the weather was OK to go, though hardly June weather, but after looking at road maps we decided to stay put.  I was being collected on Wednesday by friends Tony & Di for a day out at the Gardeners World show at the NEC in Birmingham and Polesworth seems a good pick up spot.
What a good decision. We were moored adjacent to a rough parkland area so good for Barney, and with a whole day to explore the area we found a small but pleasant market town with ample small shops for our needs.  In addition we found an absolute gem in Polesworth Abbey. Click the link for more info.   

This had been shut when Geoff wandered up the previous evening but today it was open.  What a delight it was.  The original priory dates back 1200 years and today it is the Parish Church.

A very much alive and part of the community church.  We had come upon it on one of it's two `Monks & Nuns` days which are educational days for the local school children
This explained our sighting of a nun in full habit walking a dog whom we had spotted on our walk to the Abbey!

The Abbey seen from the rear
Part of the Sensory Garden
The whole place has a wonderful aura and as well as being the parish church and part of the community it has become a landmark site to visit.  This is due in large part I gather to funding by English Heritage and other organisations including the Historic Churches Preservation Trust.  
Later I went to Evening Prayer and had a very interesting conversation with Father Philip about all the work that is done here.
This is an example of an experience we would not have had if we had not been travelling by canal.  We would never have thought of visiting Polesworth.  

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Anne Hall said...

Can't even guess at the number of times we have past by on the M42. Looks wonderful ...... countryside is just full of little gems. Olympic theme England's green and pleasant land.