Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday in Atherstone

Well nothing stolen last night so hope we will be as lucky tonight.
We went to Atherstone Church this morning, once again a very different type of service.   OK in a lot of ways but very obscure modern hymns with no tune (as far as I could tell!)  We discovered that the church had 10 bells in the tower but only 1 qualified and one trainee bell ringer.  The congregation must have been 70+ (number not age) and we were told that was low as lots of people were on sad therefore that they cannot ring the bells on a Sunday and only for weddings when they muster ringers from half a dozen neighbouring churches.

As we gongoozled at the top of the locks we saw this pretty boat coming through.  Peggy May with her crew of two who sit sedately behind a wooden steering wheel.
Later we took ourselves off to the Red Lion Hotel for what was advertised as a carvery, but due to electrical problems, was normal service........however an excellent and moderately priced lunch.
It is an old Coaching Inn which was restored a few years ago................. the sign opposite seems to bear witness
Where the horses used to pull into the yard has been transformed into a wonderful conservatory
Amazingly the bad weather originally forecast for today has not materialised and we have had plenty of's hoping it can continue for a while tomorrow.  We are planning a really early start.  There are a lot of boats around coming up and down the 11 locks, and the sani point which we need is just adjacent to the top lock with very little room to wait.  So.....the plan is to be up before anyone else.....

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