Friday, 22 June 2012

Vacillation Day

Will we....won't we..... Plan was 10 ish departure for the short hop to Rugeley to shop and then move on to Tixall Wide....BUT. .. it was pouring with rain yet again so we um'ed and ah'ed, chickened out, so I settled down to do other things, then about 1045 Geoff decided there was a break in the weather so it was down tools and go. We were lucky to reach Rugeley in the dry and even managed the shop almost in the dry. By the time we were almost back at Petroc the rain was with us again. Since the mooring place was perfectly acceptable we decided we had used all our luck for the day and would stay put and have a quiet time...........then fate took a hand...... First of all I had computer problems which I think is the mains lead giving up the ghost, so I was in the midst of googling the closest pc world and the necessary buses to reach there, when a shout was heard. Lo and behold Perintis with Dick and Jill hove into view. On board were also their friends Sue & Tony. There followed an extremely pleasant pre dinner drinks and supper and catching up session. In addition to Dick and Jill's dog Beth, Sue & Tony had their spaniel Stella with whom Barney fell promptly in love. It was quite comical to watch....
1.19 miles, 0 locks, 30 min

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