Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Last nights picture of our mooring, the canal was deathly still.
This morning was a planned very early departure.  The forecast was for more rain later in the day and we wanted to get as far back down the Ashby as we could before the decline set in.
It is now well into June but would you believe it from this picture........admittedly it was only about 7.30am!!
For the first 3 hours ( we left just after 6.30am!) we did not meet a single boat and it does not take many attempts to guess at what canal structure we met the first one................sod's law.
Later we passed this patriotic fishermen
Just before reaching Hinkley we stopped for fuel at Trinity marina.  We were able to declare out own split but the price (ex tax) was 92p per litre.  This made it over £1.40 a litre with tax.   Just after the marina we saw a garage where the price was only £1.33 a litre....so who puts the extra on......
This was our longest trip to date but were were snugly tied up well before lunch and also well before the rain came....which it did!
13.23 miles, 0 locks, 5hrs 37 min

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