Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shackertone & Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Woke to pouring rain this morning but braved it to the little local church....or rather the village hall as the church is having new windows and is covered in scaffolding.   Another boatie couple were there so we increased the congregation by about a third.   All very friendly and although small the village hall was warm and even had a loo!!
Back to Petroc as were were looking forward to an afternoon of watching the Queens Jubilee pageant and hoping we might spot Barrogill amongst the narrow boats.  We had been following her progress since she left Clifton.  The event was certainly spectacular as we had expected BUT we were very disappointed in the BBC's coverage.  It was supposed to be all about boats and the people on them but we had lots of extraneous fillers, new babies just born, cooking, artists and the Horrible Histories.  All of those things could have been shown in a follow up and left more time for interviewing people on the participating boats.  They could have interviewed them in the preceding couple of days as they all mustered.  The coverage of the narrow boat section was very sparse (and we didn't manage to spot Barrogill).
Took some pictures (Courtesy of the TV!) but none very good.

An enjoyable afternoon nonetheless and certainly an occasion to remember........shame about the rain....and the BBC


Anonymous said...

Actually you have some great photos of Barrogill. On your first photo she is in the middle under Tower Bridge well 2nd boat from the right) and in the 7th photo (it looks like Lots Road in the background) she is also in the middle, on the photo directly behind Lotus No. 10, boat a red signwriting at the back.


MortimerBones said...

Wow! Fab pictures...especially as i didnt see it,