Thursday, 14 June 2012


Well it rained well in the night but we awoke to clearish skies and after a shop in the village we said farewell to Polesworth and the Abbey, a very pleasant sojourn.
We gently ambled our way to Fazeley Junction.  We had forgotton how pretty this stretch of the canal was, mind you the sun was shining and that does make all the difference.

One of Geoff's favourite pastimes...chatting to people at the locks!
So nice to be down here and not up there!
We made use of the sani station at Fazeley but decided to carry on to Hopwas as the weather was still good, although the wind was beginning to freshen a little.  We thought that may be the first signs of the front that we are threatened with during the night and probably all day tomorrow.....looks like another layover day if that is the case.
The only good thing about all this rainy weather is that hosepipe bans are being lifted and lock restrictions are also being relaxed.  However Helen and Paul on Barrogill who are returning to Rugby via the Thames, after participating in the Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant, appear to have ground to a halt due to too much water on the Thames and the red boards are up........
8.64 miles, 2 locks, 4hr 10 min

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