Monday, 25 June 2012

Escape from Rugeley

This was supposed to have been the weekend in the Tixall Wide, but fate had decreed otherwise with all things going wrong.  However the sun was shining this morning(still jolly cold!) so after a shop for paper and milk we were off by 0830hrs.  Goodbye Rugeley....
Geoff walked the first part with Barney which was lucky as just a little way along there was a boat adrift across the canal.  He was able to reach the warp that had become untied and pull them in and tie them up again.  The curtains were still drawn when he left so the occupants had no idea they had been rescued!!
When we reached Little Haywood we saw some nice open moorings so decided to stop and it was only coffee time.....that gave me plenty of time to do a few domestic chores and then get settled for the tennis as Wimbledon started today.
I managed to site my chair in the cratch so that I could see the world (and lots of boats ) go by but also watch the TV and the tennis....a delightful way to catch Wimbledon.
I was visited a a swan family so took a while out to photograph them.
Wait for me Mum
If you look closely you can see the baby has hitched a ride with Mum (maybe it's Dad??)
4.17miles, 1 lock, 2 hrs

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