Sunday, 5 July 2015

Thunderstorms at Knowle

Wow...some downpour
However it really didn't last very long.

Most of the day was fine.   We made it to the 8am Communion Service in Knowle.   There were 28 people there and that was just one of their 5 services on a Sunday.   A bit different to our own church where we are lucky to get double figures at our one and only service.   However Knowle is a sort of suburb of Solihull an a rather upmarket one at that.

At lunch time we met our first visitors of the year.  Fran & Keith joined us at the Kings Arms which is a delightful pub right by the canal just back one bridge from where we are moored.   It was great to have a catch up.

The weather took a turn for the worse whilst we were walking back to Petroc and we got inside just in time.   Later the thunderstorm came which although short lived was very noisy both with the thunder and the rain hammering on the roof.  However it cleared the air and it was then a beautiful evening.

Onwards again tomorrow. 

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Big Rick said...

hi you lovely folk! Making me very jealous, Keep up the Blogg! Love it! Rick!