Thursday, 23 July 2015

Eventually to Stourport

Well so much for onward to Stourport on Wednesday......the forecast was for rain and we were a bit ahead of ourselves if we wanted to be in Droitwich for the weekend, so we stayed another day.   The moorings are 5 day so no problem there.

In the 3 days we were there Kidderminster did not endear itself to me any more, despite the fact that the moorings were secure( right opposite Sainsburys with security lights on at night), open spaces nearby to walk Barney, and more shopping possibilities than anyone could want.  Not only can you moor right by Sainsburys but through the lock there are several places to moor for even more shopping, right by Debenhams and right by Tesco's.........a girl is spoilt for choice!

On Wednesday lunchtime NB Gabriel pulled  belonging to Hazel & James up in front of us.  They are also members of BCF so there was soon a knock on the window.......we have in fact met them twice before but James had to go and look at his record to see where it was as none of us could remember.  

This time we arranged to socialise together and later spent
a very pleasant couple of hours before supper on Petroc.
Probably a better boat guard than Barney
When we watched the weather forecast on Wednesday evening, Thursday looked good but Friday looked dire.   

When we set off Thursday morning we decided that maybe we would have to go straight through Stourport and get at least part way along the river towards the Droitwich entrance.   This was our intention right up until we approached the first lock......but then the moorings above the lock were relatively free and they looked so inviting so to heck with the rain tomorrow.    Maybe we wont get to continue to Droitwich until Saturday...who knows.....

Total distance:4.27 miles 
Elapsed time:2h30m30s 
Average speed:1.70 mph (2.90 lock/mph) 

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