Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Back to the river

Barney is not very keen on pontoons.
When we first arrived at Droitwich we had a very difficult job to get him
to set foot off the boat and on to the pontoon.  
 After a while he would do it but with a look of mistrust on his face

On Monday morning we said farewell to Sally & Hector as they were continuing up the Droitwich
We stayed as we were expecting Boe at lunch time.   She arrived safely and we had a quiet day.

Today (Tuesday) was planned to go back down the canal and onward to Worcester, leaving at a reasonably early hour after buying the paper etc.   In the event Barnaby, who is normally a lie-a-bed
decided he needed to go out at 5.30am.  Boe gallantly offered to take him but by this time we were all awake!!!  So we decided to have a really early start.  By 0645 Geoff & I were en route and Boe was back in bed!!   She says she wasn't asleep.......

The first part is mainly reed covered banks until we reached the top lock
By the 4th lock Boe was awake but refusing to appear on camera!
A few locks further on she decided Geoff might benefit from her assistance.
At lock 3 we had the benefit of further assistance from a CRT man who appeared in his van
Barney still in supervisory role.
We swapped over here and Boe, Barney and I had our morning walk down to lock 2.

Geoff carried on down and we disappeared behind the reeds.
Goodbye Droitwich.
Still too early in the day to have my photo taken!!
Slightly better now there is a bit of sun
Just one big lock, Bevere Lock, with no work to do and a pleasant run down to Worcester.   Mind you it was quite breezy all the way and hardly July temperatures.

Worcester Cathedral in view

Very few boats around yet again so we had no trouble picking our spot to moor just below the race course.  However things have changed since our last visit as it is now £4 a night.  

Total distance:9.19 miles 
Elapsed time:4h19m9s 
Average speed:2.13 mph (4.21 lock/mph) 

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