Saturday, 25 July 2015

Stourport to Droitwich

Whilst at Stourport I decided to avail myself of the shower provided in the sani block( washing machine & dryer also available but purchased card needed).  I was looking forward to standing under a lovely flowing stream of hot water without the worry that Geoff was listening to his water supply running!!!!!   It was not my lucky day....first there were 3 people waiting so I should have quit then whilst I was ahead........but I decided to sit in the sun and ogle all the boats in the basin.   When I eventually had my turn I discovered a very indifferent shower which had a mind of it's own as far as heat was alternated between icy cold and dangerously hot with nothing I could do about it!!!  There were generously 2 pegs on the back of the door to keep your things off the wet floor but nowhere to sit whilst you struggled to get back into a pair of trousers and keep them dry........not a good decision......

Saturday was decreed as an early start as we had arranged to rendezvous with Hectors House at 10am at the entrance to the Droitwich Canal and go up the double locks together.

Our first lock at York Street was a very slow descent...maybe due to these leaky gates
We made good time and were there just before 10.   Hectors House were not so lucky as the lock keeper at the only lock they had to negotiate closed the gates on them as there were two boats already in, despite there being room for 3......

The river is very low at the moment but I wonder how close to the house it reaches at times.
We therefore had a welcome rest and coffee break before tackling the 8 locks.   The book says they are relatively easy locks but Sally and I would disagree with that as the gates were very heavy and a lot of the paddles very stiff.   Mind you I only did one lock, Geoff did the rest!!!!  Still we were not complaining as the day was mostly fine which was so welcome after the deluge of yesterday.

/We were pleased to see that the canal was being used, we had 7 boats pass us during the day.    
One of the lock cottages...sadly not for a lock keeper!
The restoration of this canal was a monumental effort on the part of some people, allowing us to now enjoy it.

We reached the moorings at Droitwich Spa just before 2.30....much longer than our normal days cruising....  

Later the day was rounded off with supper on board Petroc with Sally & Hector.....a much later night than normal!!!

Total distance:14.40 miles 
Elapsed time:8h3m42s 
Average speed:1.79 mph (3.52 lock/mph

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