Tuesday, 21 July 2015


A gentle start to the day on Monday, very laid back departure time of 9am!

The first part of the trip is very pretty but soon the canal starts to go through a gorge with some very narrow places.   Geoff and Barney were walking at this stage and I cannot say it was my most favourite run.   Petroc was very heavy on the tiller and  I have the feeling that we may have something round the prop.   I have dropped several hints to the skipper but so far no action has been taken........he thinks it is my imagination!

We had no trouble finding a  mooring, in fact we are right outside Sainsburys......very convenient although not our preferred type of mooring.

Last time we were here Kidderminster did not endear itself to me and I cannot say that it is much better this time.......

St Georges Church is very imposing as it looks over the canal
However soon after we had tied up we had a pleasant surprise as Hector & Sally pulled up in Hectors House (aka narrowboat!)   We managed a quick coffee but plan to meet up in Droitwich at the weekend.

We decided to stay a day and shop leisurely today Tuesday.   Individually we both had a wander round all the stores of which there are many.   Sadly we are not really in need of anything special...what a waste of being so close...............................

Early morning Patrol!
Their effects are all over the towpath yet again.....one has to be very careful where one puts ones feet!
I had trouble getting my GPS to run in navigator today and had to leave without it running.   I knew if I asked Geoff for time to fix it I would not be popular........when he is ready to go we go!
Later I discovered that it was finger trouble....I had forgotten to attach the GPS to the USB port on the computer......Doh!!!!

Onward tomorrow to Stourport.......

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