Thursday, 30 July 2015

Cast adrift on the Severn

The moorings on the river below Worcester Racecourse are really quite pleasant, at least that was our impression until 2am this morning!!!   Geoff woke and wondered why the inner side hatch doors were swinging open, so he opened the outer ones and when he poked his head out the quay was no longer there!!!  Some delightful person or persons unknown obviously thought it was great sport to untie us.

Luckily there was no wind and the current was not running very fast so we had not drifted far.   We certainly woke up the boat behind as we were gently bumping past them.   It is always fun trying to retie up the boat in bare feet and a nightie!   The people on the other boat came to help us.

That should have persuaded us to move on but on the basis that lightening does not strike in the same place twice we have elected to stay another night.   We shall see.

The walk around the perimeter of the racecourse is ideal for Barney, mind you we were not sure he deserved any walks as his guard dog abilities appears to be sadly lacking......not a peep out of him last night.

Geoff did his normal wander around the town this morning and seems to have been intent on looking at pubs

Tomorrow we shall move down river a little and up into Diglis Basin as we need the sani station.

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