Thursday, 2 July 2015

Halted by the heat!

Our planned rest day turned into 2 rest days.  Yesterday was so hot it wore us out.   We moved our mooring spot slightly to put ourselves under some trees yesterday morning but we still nearly expired.   Today has been cooler and even with some rain so we could turn our minds to where we will go next.  We shall go up to Knowle for the weekend and then back to Kingswood junction, up the Lapworth flight and head for Birmingham.
The layover days have allowed me time to catch up on Giles accounts and sort the boat out a bit down below.   I even managed to clean our venetian blinds......I am very glad we had blinds and not curtains except when they need cleaning.  Because they are the slim line variety they are incredibly difficult to clean.
So it is onward tomorrow, although it is not far to Knowle.

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