Sunday, 19 July 2015


4 locks down to Stourton Junction and then we turned left onto the Staff & Worcs canal and even began to see a bit more boat life!

Kinver was the target for the weekend and we moored just after Kinver lock.   Not a bad mooring apart from the fact that it was in a black hole as far as phone, internet & TV was concerned......

However we decided to stay for the Saturday night as we had planned on eating in the Vine pub and were meeting Fran & Keith again for Sunday Lunch.   The moorings were show as 24 hours only which I can never see the point of.  48 hours I can live with but 24 doesn't give you time to arrive in the afternoon and have time to explore a place and still depart at a reasonable time the next day....Ah well
There was plenty of space and not full.

Sunday dawned grey and mizzley but we took ourselves off to the 9.30 service at St Peters Church.
This was the view from St Peters when we had negotiated the extremely steep hill to reach there.
Must be good exercise!
It was  a good service and an interesting church where everyone was very friendly.  Sadly they don't seem to have a web site.   40 years ago the north aisle was in danger of collapsing and remedial action had to be taken.  With the aid of a good architect an excellent renovation was done thereby creating a wonderful space for meetings, coffee etc.   It has modern overtones but very much in keeping with the style of the church.  The stained glass windows they had to remove were kept stored for a number of years until someone had the bright idea of turning them into a giant lantern which now hangs over the font.
Such an original idea that we have not seen before.
The return journey was not nearly as taxing!!   We then had an excellent Sunday lunch in the Vine pub with Fran & Keith after which we decided to move a short distance.   This was motivated more by the fact that Geoff wanted a TV signal to watch the second part of a program than by the desire to not overstay our 24 hours!!!!

Well we did get a TV signal but no phone or internet........

Total distance:2.74 miles
 Elapsed time:3h21m14s 

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