Saturday, 4 July 2015

Hop, Skip & a Jump to Knowle

Well that was what it felt like on Friday.   We stopped to water just a mile away at Tom O' the Wood, then another stop at Kingswood junction and Geoff walked the rubbish and Loo round to the sani station, then Barney& I  popped to the shop for the paper, then another mile and a bit to the bottom of the Knowle locks.  A big trip of 5 miles..........
Kingswood Junction
We have a nice open mooring about 1/4 of a mile from the bottom of the locks, the closest places to the locks all being taken up with permanent moorings.

Seemingly a one parent family with teenagers!
The swans were very persistent at first, the parent (I don't know whether it was Mum or dad) going all along the boat trying to get in the windows.  Eventually they got the message that we were not providing any good and disappeared.

Today we walked into Knowle where we had arranged to collect post at the post office via Poste Restante.  Luckily it was straightforward, unlike last year where the PO we had arranged sent it back to Emma before we could pick it up.  Their explanation was that there was no-one there by the name of Lovegrove........despite being marked Post Restante!.

Knowle is a rather upmarket suburb of Solihull.  Nice shops, and we passed a lot of very large houses on the walk in (about a mile).   There is a large church which we visited 2 years ago.  They have 5 different services every Sunday, some traditional and some contemporary.   We are not sure which we will select for tomorrow.

Wimbledon is on at the moment so I am getting in a lot of tele time, so far seen two stunning matches....neither of which featured Murray!   

This evening we sussed out the two nearby canalside pubs and chose the better of the two.......also the more expensive sadly.   We have booked for lunch tomorrow where we are looking forward to friends Fran & Keith joining us.

Fridays trip

Total distance:5.02 miles 
Elapsed time:3h17m4s 
Average speed:1.53 mph (1.53 lock/mph) 

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