Friday, 31 July 2015

A hop skip and a jump that took most of the morning

For the last couple of nights the dragon boat has been out practising
The certainly give it wellie....with a young boy beating the rhythm on the drum
Our sojourn on the moorings had been extremely pleasant despite being set adrift at 2am on Wednesday morning.  (Thankfully no repetition last night)  The walk around the perimeter of the racecourse is lovely and from late afternoon into the evening the rowers would appear.

All was not sunshine as we had a few heavy down pours on Wednesday
On this mornings quite early walk they were blowing this hot air balloon up
and at that early hour the mist was gently rising on the river....quite nippy as well!
However the plan was to move up into Diglis Basin to use the sani station and moor up there for the weekend.

So down the river we went past the Cathedral
and a bevy of swans  (I had to look up what a group of swans were called)
About turn, drop Geoff & Barney off at the pontoon and up the two big locks into Diglis Basin
With all the necessary filling and emptying done I went to survey the visitors moorings and was not impressed.  Most of the length was opposite a very noisy, dusty building site and there was not much grass for Barney,,,,,,so onto plan B.   We decided to descend the locks again and try for a space on the Diglis River Pontoons......if that didn't work we would go back to the racecourse.

By this time the gonggozlers were out in force
Left was our direction
We were lucky.  There was space on the pontoon, the sun was shining so we were forced to have a really pleasant relaxing afternoon....... (well some people had their normal siesta!)

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