Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunday near Bumble Hole

Just round the corner from our mooring is Bumble Hole..what a lovely name

A fascinating building.
Also just a stones throw from our mooring was St Peter's Church.  We went to the 9am Sung Eucharist where we were welcomed by their new vicar, Father Michael and also a very chatty friendly congregation.   Amongst the congregation were two ladies, both of whom had lived here all their lives and whose fathers had worked on the boats.  They had some lovely reminiscences to tell us. 

also shades of yesteryear.
another boat just emerging from the 3000+yds Netherton tunnel
These latter pictures are courtesy of Geoff out for an afternoon stroll with Barnaby whilst I was glued to Wimbledon......quite an anti-climax now it is all over for another year.

It has been a day of sunshine and showers, and having just seen the forecast I don't think we will be making a very early start tomorrow.   Merryhill here we come.

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