Friday, 24 July 2015

Rained in at Stourport

Variation on a normal cratch cover!!
Big Barge lock entry to the river Severn (Barney more interested in the grass)
 We will go down the double staircase of narrow locks on Saturday we hope
Pretty cottage gardens on the road down to the river
Looking down at the barge lock with the Severn beyond.
All the above pictures were taken on Thursday evening before the rain set in!   The forecast has been extremely said it would be set in rain all day and they were not wrong!
Needless to say we have stayed put, unlike quite a few other boats who have passed us in both directions, all in waterproofs and looking very bedraggled........this is when I am so glad we are not in a hurry......
We hope the forecast is as accurate for Saturday as it promised fair weather and the plan is to rendezvous with Hectors Boat at the entrance to the Droitwich and go up the locks together.   Mind you although the book says they are wide locks I am not sure if they take two narrowboats.   We have done the canal once before and only remember single locks...we shall see when we reach there.!
A long day planned for tomorrow as the forecast for Sunday is dire an early start has been ordered.......


Adam said...

Yes, the locks between the Severn and Droitwich are wide enough for two boats. The other side of Droitwich are narrow locks.

Gillian Lovegrove said...

Thanks Adam.......nice to know in advance